Monday, January 26, 2009

My New Playhouse!!!

Here's Addison sitting in her rocking chair (from Grandma Roberts) on the porch of her newly renovated playhouse. She loves it!! Uncle Bob and cousin Paul drove down from Missouri to put their craftsmanship and love into this playhouse. "Thank you so much, Uncle Bob and Paul. I love you!" All we need to do now is decorate the outside with some flower pots and hanging plants and we'll be good to go. We'll post final, decorated pictures soon.

Ta Da!!!!

The Demolition

It's getting there.


Uncle Bob, Paul and my Playhouse!

In her playhouse, setting her table.

"Oh, I love my kitchen!"

Addison and Uncle Bob

Paul, Addison and Uncle Bob.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ok, I know it has been forever. Sorry everyone! Well, as you can see, Addison has really grown up. She is so excited about Christmas this year. She finally understands what is going on....for the most part. What does Addison want Santa to bring her? She wants a PINK PIANO! Addison loves music. She loves to make up her own songs and sing while playing different instruments (tamborines, marachas or her little keyboard). She has played on the piano at Aunt Julie's and at both of her Grandma's houses and now she has decided she wants her own. And, of course, it has to be pink. That's her favorite color. So, we told her that she needs to let Santa know. Well, she was so excited to see Santa and tell him. She had been practicing saying, "Please bring a pink piano to my house". While we were standing in line to see Santa she was waving at him, smiling and laughing. She was so excited. After standing in line for 25 minutes she was finally the next one in line. She was still excited. With each slow step towards him to sit on his lap her smile turned upside down and she went into shock!! She sat on his lap like a good girl but didn't smile, look at him or say one word. She just looked at the camera like, "Ok, here I am. I did it. Take the picture so I can get off this man's lap". When we left the mall she was so upset she didn't tell him. So, the next weekend we went back so she could tell him. She finally did it but only if mama and daddy were right next to her while she sat on his lap. Too cute!! She has been

very good so we think Santa may actually fulfill her request. :)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just strollin' my baby!

Addison loves to take her babies for a stroll. She has really turned into such a good "mama".

I'm a pretty girl!

I just think these pictures are priceless. Addison felt so pretty with this flower in her hair. She just kept looking at herself.
HHHMMMM. I look pretty good!!

I love me!

It's raining, it's pouring

Enjoying the rain with grandma. I love my new raincoat and boots that my other grandma bought me. It's fun to play in the rain. Thank you, "Ria".